2019/19 Bugatti Chiron Sport Price Plus VAT

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At the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Bugatti unveiled the track focused iteration of the Chiron dubbed the Chiron Sport. The car generates 1,500 BHP from a quad-turbocharged W16 engine and is 18 kg (40 lb) lighter than the standard Chiron, due to the extensive use of carbon fibre and utilises a stiffer suspension in order to increase the cornering ability of the car while maintaining its grand touring characteristics. The introduction of a torque vectoring system to control the power sent to each wheel of the car for improves handling in tight corners along with aerodynamic improvements and light weight has been given special consideration in order to keep the car competitive on the track. The Chiron Sport also features a quad exhaust, anodised black interior details and the number "16" in the front grille representing the number of cylinders. This particular example was delivered new in Ontario green with saddle tan hide and with it being a 2019 Chiron sport it adornes a plaque in the centre console for the 110 years of Bugatti

Standard Features

  • +Brake Calipers Painted Black
  • +Mirrors In Carbon & Base Painted
  • +Steering Wheel Carbon Fibre Package
  • +Comfort Seats
  • +Cowl Cover In Carbon Fibre
  • +Wheels Painted Black
  • +Rear Light Trim Part Painted Black
  • +Horseshoe Painted Black
  • +Reverse Camera
  • +"Chiron Sport" Painted Under Rear Wing
  • +Carbon Fibre Windscreen Wipers
  • +Personalised Stitching To Headrests
  • +Reverse Camera
  • +Front Lift